3 Versions of 2 pictures

Now I have to choose two images (on of each series) for an automotive exhibition. Somebody out there who can advise??? First series: Second series:

Flower Parade 1

First of a series of 2 of some flowers in our garden (partly already published)

Building a nest 5: The Neighbourhood Watch (to be continued)

See also previous part of this series (opens in new window)

Building a nest 3 (to be continued)

See also previous part of this series)    

Optical Illusions 7: Clockwork Orange

Last 27 May I published the ‘last’ (“… for the time being…”) of the series Optical Illusions. The different items did not get that many likes but were re-blogged, tweeted and ‘facebooked’ all over. Reason enough to continue this series. Isn’t every picture we see an optical illusion?    

The Market

Every now and than we browse around at the Saturday Market in Hermanus. As usual it’s very busy. In the series ‘Candid Portraits’ of this blog more pictures during several days from 16 May onwards.