Still Shade

Shape and Shade 3

Shape and Shade 2

Shape and Shade 1

105 F (38 C) in the shade

Still feeding


(Early morning in shade with opposing sun)

Chilling Cheetah in the wild

Some, in fact most, tourists visit a sanctuary, a game reserve of a zoo to see animals. That’s the safe way. I rather see them in a natural environment. But than one must be lucky to see any because most of the ‘wild’ animals are shy unless you enter their territory or protecting their young ones …

In the shade of a cycad leaf

Abstract 27

Early morning shades in the puddle

Beyond the chair …

This morning I shot shades of a chair from four different positions and in Photoshop I created five different blends (‘HDR-mergers’) and processed these individually with different brightness, detailing, coloring, gamma, etc. Just for the sheer fun of it. All thumbnails but is you click on it they enlarge.