In the meantime on the farm 163

Rain of shine

Sunshine of my life (9 images)

Sunshine; lightshine, roadshine, moonshine and the sunshine of my life. There are many things that shine.

Rain or shine, day or night

Where the sun shines and where not

And the ‘bullying’ ….

…. the ‘bullying’ (some say it’s ‘courting’) continues …. day and night, rain or shine …..

Let the Sun shine

I am a Proud South African

Hi, I am Euphorbia bupleuripholia and I am a Proud South African. Although the sun comes and goes this Sunday it’s my time of the year to shine! If you want to know more about me and my family there is this awesome website that will open in a new window on your screen.

Good SUNday morning but it’s the moon that shines

No electricity but the light pole shines

Street Photography 9: The Ducky Paddle

Living at the edge of the village has its advantages. Our street borders a stream (“Vlei” in Afrikaans) with an abundance of winged wildlife. Every morning I let the dog out and we are greeted by ducks, seagulls (the ocean is only a few kilometers in bird flight) and other birds I don’t know the …