Harley Davidson Shoot

(some of the ‘leftovers’ 😉 )

Spider shoot

Macro shots of a tiny spider (diameter 5mm) from both sides of the window


Some shots (NOT the final ones) I took during a model shoot recently. Model: Abigail Camille. Clothing and accessories: Vanilla Boutique (Bredasdorp) and with special thanks to Jeremy October of Overberg Shoe Repair and Locksmith (‘no safe is safe for Jeremy’).

What do you do when a predator bird circles above your head?

I just shoot the youngsters as well

My first photography class

Last week I did my first lecture (out of a series of 6) about photography. The six ‘students’ (3 teachers and their pupils) had to make 2 portraits of each other; one at the beginning and the second at the end. It was fulfilling to notice that they all approached their subjects different in their …

Mother and daughter

Portrait shoot:


… the photographer.

Shoot the photographer

The Cow that breaks through every fence

What some cows do for a portrait shoot.

Shoot the Photographer