‘Bokkie Skiet’ (Shooting Bucks)


What do you do when a predator keeps circling above your head?   I just kept shooting it.

Shooting Belinda

Streets of Cape Town

Just sitting on a terrace and shooting faces.    

Shooting Stars

ISO 6400 A 5.6 S 30 sec Sony A77 with Sigma 70-300MM lens zooming out

Night Watch in the Village

Late night when I was shooting these images I saw only one moving target (a police vehicle) hence the title of this gallery. All pictures processed in DxO Optics Pro 9  

Chilling Cheetah in the wild

Some, in fact most, tourists visit a sanctuary, a game reserve of a zoo to see animals. That’s the safe way. I rather see them in a natural environment. But than one must be lucky to see any because most of the ‘wild’ animals are shy unless you enter their territory or protecting their young ones …

Sun Shooting

Rooting and Shooting the Texan Way

Last year we got a small cutting of a Bombax tree from a friend in College Station (Tx, USA). We kept in in a pot to root and this South African Spring we planted it and now it’s shooting. Yes; our garden is slowly becoming the Wild West of Stanford …. 😉

Landscapes of the Overberg 13

Farmers are the large scale landscapers on a global scale. Here in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, more specific in and around our village Stanford, it’s not different to the rest of the world. Every human intervention in nature leaves traces and around here I enjoy the photogenic gems on my way to …