Verandah shot

Rocket Science in Caledon

Shot through the windscreen. Church of Caledon in the Western Cape, South Africa. Window reflection and added textures.

Shot from the Verandah

Good morning shot from the verandah

On the road (shot through the windscreen)

Photo-Graphic: Sunrise shot from the verandah

Last Saturday’s verandah shot (2 pictures)

Sunrises are magnificent in this part of the world.

I wish …

… I had the time to picture wildlife in their natural habitat (not in a zoo). Two years ago I stumbled during a hike on two cheetahs bathing in the sun and I shot one of them.

Shot from W to E

Off-Season in Stanford, South Africa

It’s Winter in South Africa. So my off-season picture gallery (38 pictures!!!) contains mainly Summer pictures of our village (including surrounding area) plus one of a dormant insect between the blindings of my studio which I shot this morning.