Africa Burns

(the sky this morning)

Reflection ….

….. of the sky on a dirty glass against the wall. (abstract)

The Ripple-Effect

This afternoon at 13:55 hrs: 150mm lens, F 13.0, 1/500sec ISO 100. At the right time of the day clouds show their details. Not only the horizontal ripples but also the vertical ones. Click on picture to see those details. Picture as is (was 😉 )! 

The sky at 6 pm this evening


Shot from the verandah and (sunset) shot from the front door of our ‘estate’ 😉

Earth Hour in Stanford

Some turbulence in the sky. When I looked this week into the festivities dedicated to Earth Hour within South Africa I discovered that it in fact had nothing to do with ‘carbon footprint’ and so on. It’s all about food, drink and parties and here and there, for one hour only, the lights are switched off …

The sky last night

(2 pictures)


As usual one can be sure that if you irrigate your garden after some dry and warm weeks; it will rain within hours. I irrigated the garden last night and yes; a few hours after we got blessings from the sky … Anyway during the ‘sunset irrigation’ I made a B&W and a FC picture …



Morning Sky Night Land

Time Lapse