Garfield is the mutual friend of all villagers. It’s a stray tomcat and sleeps every night in another place. I also call him the ‘Informal Mayor’ of our village. Never begs for food but always grateful when he gets. It’s not a young tomcat; Garfield needs his sleep between the local adventures.Ā 

Early morning sleep and walk

In Memory of ….

the old man who sat here day after day and suddenly decided to sleep into eternity    

Dormancy in and around our South African Winter Garden

People who follow this blog know that we have a fairly unusual garden with merely (rare) succulent plants from all over the world. We enjoy a year-round floral display but also a year-round dormancy. This gallery shows some plants having their Winter Sleep.

Summer sleep

Dormancy in the garden … well … every plant needs some rest; very human like šŸ˜€

Mooooooooooon sleeps …(?)…

Sorry; I can’t sleep with full moon

Every moon cyclus I have one sleepless night and with my camera in my hands …