Made in South Africa

A combination of natural bonded South African soil and South African Sterling Silver; very time consuming to create but each piece of this kind of jewellery art is unique and is complemented with a certificate with the name of the owner as model-name.

People from outside South Africa love it. Unfortunately many South Africans, so it seems, are not very proud of ‘Made in South Africa’….


Photographing jewelry (first serious trial)

Yvonne (my wife) creates jewelry with earth, Swarovsky gems and sterling silver. You’ll be surprised to see the wide variety of soil colors; from sandy white and red to even purple and blue all from within 100 km.  She bonds the earth with plant material and honestly, you can drop those pieces on a concrete floor without damaging them. The bonding process took over 2 years to develop and is tested in diverse (sometimes simulated) climatic conditions.

Until so far the objects are selling well via one shop in nearby Hermanus but there is some overseas interest. End of next month they will be presented at an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and … uh…. “Herman, my agent needs some photo’s …. “, etc. etc. And so today I started with my first trial. In consent with my ‘client’ ( 🙂 ) I choose for a black background for this seems to emphasize the earth colors. The assembling below is far from perfect but at least it provides the general idea. I’ve looked into many photo-presentations of jewelry and most are pictured against a white (whitish) or light colored background. That was one of the reasons to distinguish with a dark colored background. Black turned out to be the best. Now we have to play a bit and make some serious good shots of the different pieces; some of the used images were made some time ago with a snapshooter…..