The Soul of a landscape 3 (2 pictures)

The Soul of a landscape 2 (2 pictures)

The Soul of a landscape

The Soul of a Landscape: Centuries old Milkwood Tree

My Passion

In response to those who think (and recently expressed via diverse Social meda as some local wannabees did) that Photoshop (and other photo-processing software) is no better than ‘violating reality’. In that case, I should have ‘violating the reality’ more throughout my life.  Come to think of it, black and white is also manipulating… the world …

Light reflection (2 pictures to compare)

I never use flashlights or other artificial lighting equipment. Personally I think that you can make perfect pictures with advanced artificial lighting but you loose the ‘soul’ of the subject. For me it’s the challenge to use the available light and picture as is, followed by enhancing the ‘soul of the image’ with photo-processing software. …