At the pottery

Mist in ‘The Ruens’ (2 pictures)

Somewhere in ‘The Ruens’ (2 pictures)

The last remains of an ancient forest

A Good Morning from Napier, Western Cape, South Africa

Rabbit on the go

(Sculpture Ulrich Riek, Napier, South Africa)

Ode to the gardener

I admire landscaper/gardener Tommy Ngwenya. He is a South African and works hard in creating and maintaining the most beautiful gardens in Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa. He is from the (I hate the expression …) “previously disadvantaged” side of the society (hate it because most South Africans are still disadvantaged for whatever reason). His business …

Real Craft Beer

(at Heuningklip in Kleinmond, South Africa)

Papa Jer ….

… is the name Jerry Fourie is known for. Jerry is our village troubadour; entertaining on markets, parties and other festivities. In his younger days he toured South Africa; as always together with his wife Retha. Nowadays he prefers to sing within a 100 km radius. The repertoire is mainly music from the sixties and …

Sculpture 3

(Artist: Niel Jonker, South Africa)