South African Cowboy 4

South African Cowboy 3

South African Cowboy 2

South African Cowboy 1

The Private Gallery

The Private Gallery in Napier, South Africa, opens soon.

Portrait of a South African

The South African Christmas Rose

Botanical name: Euphorbia Milii. Pictured is the flower of a large sized cultivar.

The South African Music Awards …

… are made in my village.  

The Jazz Singer

A week ago I published some pictures of a jazz concert on the blog of one of my clients. I only gave myself 90 minutes to select 12 pictures and process plus publish them on the different social media. It took 93 minutes and the blog post alone got within 2 days more than 600 …

See me, Feel me, Touch me

(sculpture by South African artist Shany van den Berg)