Visitors of the South

Imaginary of the Esplanade in Hermanus, South Africa. It’s South Africa’s whale-watching hotspot for tourists but most of them eat and drink on the terraces …. and … , seemingly, forget about the whales…. More eye for what is on the menu…

It’s purple and in our garden

This Adenia (origin Southern Africa) has a diameter of about 75 cm. In an optimal environment the caudex can grow to a height and with of 2.5 meter. It survived our garden (the very South of South Africa) for the last 23 months but let’s see a day, a week, a month and a year …

In no time

Both pictures were taken within one minute this evening at around 6:30 PM. The picture on top is West facing and the second  image is South facing. 10 Minutes later is was dark.

We love South Africa

Don’t you?                                                                 This poster will be used for promotion purposes abroad