The Southernmost Lighthouse of the African Continent …

in Cape Agulhas is also the most photographed lighthouse of the continent. Here one during sunset.

Southernmost lighthouse of the African Continent

In Cape Agulhas, South Africa.

The Southernmost Lighthouse of South Africa …

… is nearby the Southernmost rock of the African Continent at Cape Agulhas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I have the feeling that this Weekly Photo Challenge is targeting the Northern Hemisphere but I live in the ‘Deep South’ of South Africa; fairly close to the Southernmost lighthouse of the African Continent. And here we have summer this time of the year. And that results in an interpretation of the challenge that differs …


Far from city or even rural buzz we found this empty old beach house during a long beach hike somewhere along the Southernmost coastline of South Africa.

The Discovery

During a long hike along the Southernmost coastline of South Africa we discovered where the Corinthian architects got their inspiration from….

Do NOT hug a Tree in the Southernmost Forest of the African Continent

Tree huggers are a rare breed of the human race. They hug trees, seemingly unaware of damaging (even killing) the life of the bark of the tree such as mosses, epiphytes and fungi that have a lively mutual beneficial exchange with the tree. Especially in the ‘Platbos‘ (meaning ‘Flat Forest’) near our village which is …