Avonia specie …

…. with caudex (fairly rare)

Goose manure (Aviona specie)

This tiny succulent plant is native to the dry semi-arid areas in South Africa. The diameter of the flower is 2 to 3 millimeter.

Amaga (lizard specie)

A tiny, tiny flower

Diameter approx. 5 mm. The flower is of an Aviona specie originating from Southern Africa and locally known as ‘Goose Manure’

The Red Hot Poker …

(Knipholia specie)

Bottle Brush ….

… keeps on flowering. The Bottle Brush (Callistemon specie) originates from Australia and is so immense popular in South Africa that even local conservation people thin that this (tree-)shrub is indigenous to South Africa… 😉

Fairly unusual

An Ariocarpus specie (rockplant from Mexico) flowering during the night.

Adenium Arabicum

… originates from East Africa. Originally thought from the Arabic countries in the North-East (hence the specie name) but later insight learns that it most probably is endemic to Tanzania or Kenya. Whatever, it’s a beautiful flower.

The Awakening of the Bud

Next week this Astrophytum specie will flower.

The Rainbow Nation Cactus

At last; after years of trial and error, hard labor, blablabla (etc.), I succeeded in breeding a new imaginary cactus specie. May I proudly present the first Rainbow Nation Cactus ever. I named it Ferocactus Mandela.