Dripping Alluaudia procera and a flower

The Alluaudia species originate from Madagascar. “Compare it with a woman” (said my wife once) “soft on the outside but mind the spines underneath the leafs.” On the picture new growth; in a few months the leafs will cover the spines.


Cycad Leaf

Cycads date back a few hundred million years and survived the Dino- and other Saurussen. In Southern Africa alone there are 65 species; in our garden we have seven (all with an official permit) of which two species are threatened with extinction. There is a lively ‘trade’ in cycads; i.e. poaching in nature and exporting them as ferns or palms (what do customs know?). Seemingly economics are prioritised above nature by government officials and that is sad. Anyway yesterday I pictured a leaf of one of those pre-historic plants.



Sometimes plants do strange things. They don’t grow the way you expect them to grow. Some cacti species are very vunerable for influences of their environment and shape themselves into a cristate and with a cristate you never know how it develops. These pictures are of a Mammillaria specie in our garden.


And …. Another bird

There are a few hundred bird species nestling in a radius of 10 km in and around our village. Don’t ask for names for I’m getting old and tempt to forget ( 😦 🙂 🙂 ) but they are beautiful!


What you don't see is the fragrance …..

….. a bit fruity with hints of cinnamon and honey.

These two flowering Fenestraria species originate from Southern Africa and around this time of the year they spread their sweetness.

_DSC7110 _DSC7109