ISO 400, S 1/30 F 5.6 (panning)



(Imaginary with textures)


Yes we had a little bit of rain. And the telecom tower at the horizon is nicely washed. Now they should keep politics away and use it to the full capacity to avoid all those internet problems… 😉 South Korea and Singapore have the fastest and most reliable internet connections in the world (average over …


Hudson Hornet Sedan

It’s a rare occasion to see a Hudson Hornet Sedan. Especially in South Africa. This model was build in 1954; the last year Hudsons were manufactured before the company was taken over by American Motors Corporation (AMC). I modified the original pictures of the parked vintage car and added some ‘speed’.

The Pursuit Race

Every now and than our street functions as a race track. Although 40 kmh is the speed limit and with stop signs at a few crossings there are always those people who don’t care. This picture shows a suppliers truck chased by a pick-up truck (‘bakkie’) with farm labourers crowded in the cargo-hold. It was …

Low speed shot – High speed pursuit