Light Snake

Restaurants like to decorate their terraces to attract more customers and add some (romantic???) sphere. In South Africa the ‘light snakes’ have become a booming business.

_DSC8985 _DSC8984

The Swing

Shot some time ago at the pre-primary school in the informal settlement Die Kop near our village. I’ve cropped he original image and did some HDR-toning; just in an attempt to add some sphere that (as I experienced recently) especially appeals to children.



I like lights; especially unique designs. But I also like to save on the electricity bill. So we have solar heating of the geyser and enough glass to provide us with daylight during most of the day. The guest room has its own shower and if guests use it during the daylight  there is no need to switch the light on. In case of need we do have a blue reading light with energy-saving LEDs. This light also creates an blue-ish sphere, even by daylight.