Emu 5 (spin off in the making, 3 pictures)

Creating a minimalism garden

Every now and then we do an upmarket landscaping project with spin off from our garden. Clients are expected to actively participate in the work; just to get the ‘succulent feeling’. We love landscaping minimalism gardens. But not too often… ;). This garden took a few months of preparation, including extensive discussions with the owner …

Our Garden

“The most unusual gardeners of Stanford, South Africa just started to sell their garden spin off” – FB-page ‘Stanford Notice Board’

Soaking seed capsules

One of the spin offs of our garden is the distribution of seeds from our plants. Some seeds are difficult to obtain such as these from a Mammillaria specie (=cactus). After harvesting the seed capsules they need to soak for some days and when the tissue is soft it’s easy to remove. Next the seeds …