The Amazing Sunset 4: Winged friends

The date is Sunday 12 May 2013 and the time somewhere between 6 and 8 PM. Location: a hidden spot along the lagoon near the village. Together with friends and a great colored family from Mount Pleasant (who also discovered this spot…) we experienced one of those numerous amazing sunsets our area has to offer. In and around the lagoon is an abundance of bird life and it is hard to make pictures without any winged friends in it… This serie provides you with a visible idea but no picture can match the experience of sitting, chatting and watching on the spot. I shot just over 200 images and only 19 survived my first selection.

Part 4 is dedicated to our winged friends in the lagoon; photographed during different moments in time and angles.

_DSC5326 _DSC5343 _DSC5353_DSC5373_DSC5377_DSC5399_DSC5410