Spring in South Africa 2: ….. and again …

… but now on the TV-aerial of the neighbour šŸ˜‰

Time of the year

Spring in South Africa

Spring in South Africa (2 pictures)

South African Spring is in the Trees

Spring in South Africa 2

Spring in South Africa 1

Spring in South Africa is not over yet

Spring in South Africa

The first of September is the traditional begin of Spring in South Africa. Some of the peach trees are already flowering.

Rooting and Shooting the Texan Way

Last year we got a small cutting of a Bombax tree from a friend in College Station (Tx, USA). We kept in in a pot to root and this South African Spring we planted it and now it’s shooting. Yes; our garden is slowly becoming the Wild West of Stanford …. šŸ˜‰

Garden going vertical

Vertical gardening is a trend but is not new. New is that thanks to contemporary knowledge and modern thinking a vertical garden does not limits itself to a creeper agains a wall or a hedge. If you ‘google’ you will find numerous examples all over the globe; from Pakistan Eastwards to Afghanistan. Even veggie gardens …