Landscapes as seen from the lodge at different times of the day 1

One and a half week ago we experienced a flood rain in the area. Part of the road to a nearby town was flushed into the river and many people who once preferred to live close to the river were up to one meter wading through their house. Acquaintances of us builded once a lodge near the river but they build it a bit higher up and although both have been sweating a bit ( 😀 ) it turned out that their Stanford River Lodge is a sufficient ‘elevated’ place. It’s surrounded by a beautiful landscape and majestic vistas that differ during the different times of the different days. First a picture of the lodge. The next five days I show you some of the surrounding landscapes and vistas.


The Amazing Sunset at the Lodge

As promised in an earlier posting: some sunset pictures shot at the Stanford River Lodge (Stanford, South Africa) and from a canoe in the adjacent Klein Rivier (= Little River). The camera settings adjusted to sunset/dawn. No photoshopping except for some cropping, grayscale and the copyright lines.

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The Stanford River Lodge

And this is the Stanford River Lodge where I’ve been taking the pictures of the last few posts. More images (sunset) will follow in one of the next postings.

The first image I made Wednesday March 6 at around 6 PM.


The second photo was shot Tuesday 5 March at around 6 AM. It shows that there is clearly a difference between the color of morning and the color of evening light.


There is light, light and … oh… there are so many colorful natural lights

It’s amazing to experience the ever changing colors of natural lights. In the few previous posts I already mentioned it. Also this serie of images were taken at the nearby Stanford River Lodge and these too are taken within a time frame of approximately 45 minutes and without photoshopping except for some cropping and the copyright lines. The Scene Selector of my Sony A77 was adjusted to ‘sunset/dusk’ which adds some extra ‘twilight color’. I chose for for this setting just to add some color to the pictures and to emphasize the changes.


Reflections in the river

Yesterday I published some trial pictures of the sunrise at the Stanford River Lodge. While shooting I also clicked in between some reflections in the river.

And yesterday evening I discovered that this blog has 200 followers and I’m also aware that the last weeks the number of weekly new followers is increasing…. Number 200 is a promising young photographer/artist. Promising….?… well … stunning pics!!!!



_DSC3238web _DSC3240web _DSC3248web

_DSC3298web _DSC3299web

The amazing chilling sunrise at the Stanford River Lodge

Most of the pictures I shoot are from either our garden or our direct surroundings. Recently we met John and Valda of the nearby Stanford River Lodge and they were very supportive towards the photo-maniac I am. I already knew that the lodge is situated at a prime spot for photographers, bird-watchers and people who can enjoy natural silence. I really enjoyed it this morning and I will go back many times; starting with a sunset. This morning was just a trial but very much worthwhile. During the next days you’ll see more images taken from and nearby the jetty in the river.

The published pictures are all in chronological order. The Scene Selector of my camera was adjusted to dusk/dawn. No additional photoshopping except cropping and adding the copyright lines. It just shows the influence of (sun) light on the different pictures. Images shot within a time frame of approximately 45 minutes.

_DSC3225web_DSC3242web _DSC3283web_DSC3284web
_DSC3295web _DSC3296web_DSC3300web _DSC3304web _DSC3308web_DSC3314web _DSC3317web