Papa Jer ….

… is the name Jerry Fourie is known for. Jerry is our village troubadour; entertaining on markets, parties and other festivities. In his younger days he toured South Africa; as always together with his wife Retha. Nowadays he prefers to sing within a 100 km radius. The repertoire is mainly music from the sixties and seventies.

Last Sunday Jerry had his gig at the Street Festival in the village. That’s where I shot him ūüėČ


I love food; ‘lekker’ food

The word ‘lekker’ (originates from Dutch) is the word South Africans of different walks of life use for everything they like; Lekker weather, Lekker sun bathing and, of course Lekker Food. Here some food pictures; all shot at local restaurants in my village. Eating Lekker food is a treat, not a challenge ūüėȬ†.


Tomorrow ‘Haturday’

A local business man in our village had some weeks ago a bright moment. ‘What if all villagers start to wear hats on Saturday?’, he wondered. ‘Wouldn’t that be an extra attraction of the tourists?’. ¬†He launched the idea¬†of ‘Haturday’¬†on¬†a local Facebook page, warmed a few friends up, and the idea got shape. Last Saturday most villagers shopping or having coffee somewhere were wearing hats. Also the staff of one of my clients. And of these great personalities I made some portraits. Almost all were published last Monday on their blog¬†in the original full colour format (except the stock photo¬†of Emily who is always wearing a hat). In the meantime I reprocessed the pictures in the way I see¬†these wonderful individuals. The captions¬†tell you their names. BTW I changed the original background of Donovan with one of my woody textures in B&W. For the others Herman’s Beauty Saloon applied adjustable (own) opalotype settings and played with it for a bit.

After all this is the Rainbow Nation

For the third time the Viva Art Foundation organised an Art Event in Stanford.  Friday 9 October local artists and people living in the Kannemeyer Street in Stanford South brought some colour to the houses. One day before there was already a kind of teaser in the Compacta Street. Two local artists and 3 residents were painting two houses.

I selected 4 of the numerous pictures  and added some extra colour (and one image I flipped into a symmetrical). After all South Africa profiles itself as the Rainbow Nation.