“Better 1 bird in your hand than 10 in the sky” is an old Dutch metaphor now used in a ‘metaphoto’.

The mainframe picture is that of the Klein Rivier Bergen (‘Little River Mountains’) that shape the horizon of Stanford, South Africa; the village we live in. Added are 1 hand and 11 birds…. Still not perfect but photography and photoshopping are one eternal learning curve…


Beef it up South Africa


The South African meat industry promotes its products with the slogan “Beef it up South Africa”. Well …. here is our contribution from Stanford, Western Cape..

The mainframe picture is that of Stanford’s main Victoria Street taken from the cross with Moore Street. The cows are true free range ones from the nearby farmers/farmworkers community Papiesvlei. Photo’s (RAW-format) made with Sony A77VQ camera and processed with Photoshop.

The Red Bike

There are many stories about the “Red Bike” of Stanford and as South Africans are good story-tellers don’t believe all although the best stories are always composed around a truth. The Red Bike hangs at the corner of the Caltex building at the entrance of the village and yes; I’ve been decorating the wall with bike a bit with ingredients nearby which makes it all more colorful.


My name “Herman” originates from the old German word for ‘Lord of the Warriors’; hence this self-portrait. The ingredients, besides myself, are a few cacti from our own garden; the bush baby where we cook our outdoor meals in and the top of the horrible telecom tower in the middle of the village (Stanford, South Africa). As mainframe photo I used an early morning one just outside the village.

Attack of the pollen


“Attack of the pollen” is the title of this elementary poster.

It is made from one mainframe picture (sunrise with gate) added with some ‘cut’-flowers at the bottom and ‘refined’ pollen in the sky. It is Spring in South Africa and quite a few people are allergic for pollen. As usual; all items are pictured in Stanford, South Africa.