Candid Portraits 10: Passing by

The Coffee Corner in Morton Street, Stanford, South Africa is the place where villagers gather, play games, do their wireless computer work, talk and talk, pamper their babies, relax, read the newspaper, pick up a fast snack, dream, cry, laugh and above all enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and affordable food.
Although the people saw me one morning walking around with camera-equipment virtually all pictures are made the ‘candid camera way’.

The Bypassers did not see the STOP sign …



The Pursuit Race

Every now and than our street functions as a race track. Although 40 kmh is the speed limit and with stop signs at a few crossings there are always those people who don’t care. This picture shows a suppliers truck chased by a pick-up truck (‘bakkie’) with farm labourers crowded in the cargo-hold. It was about 6:30 in the morning and the speed measured between point A and B was approximately 70 kmh. Oh … and the dust? It’s a dusty gravel road. We don’t mind about gravel; it’s life in the country side but it seems that not all people have respect for that….