The story in a picture

Last week, when I was photographing landscapes and animals, I suddenly remembered the story of Kiro Granaatsak which was told to me about 15 years ago when we were living in the Klaas Voogds area. South Africans are good in story telling and the best stories are those with a core of truth in it. …

Story in a picture

Imaging a story yourself

The Art Scene

A photo-graphic with some symbolism. If you are known with the art scene you surely understand the story within this photo-graphic composite.

Grootbek (Big Mouth) -2 pictures-

Every morning when I wake up and go outside Grootbek has to tell me a story.

The two sides of a beautiful story

Photo Art or Photo-Software Skills?

Some people think it’s ‪#‎ART‬: a flower against a black background. For me it’s just skills but I know that if I add a nice story to it this image will increase in value. Just a thought on a Sunday morning. (replaced the original garden background with black plus texture)

Puzzle Picture 10; The absurd surrealistic story of …

…. the Nguni cattle, the Zulu, the snail and the spirits that bee …

A rest after the delivery

In my youth in The Netherlands parents told their children story that babies are delivered by storks. In South Africa I haven’t seen storks so it must be a relative; the heron.

The story of the wheelbarrow and the water tap

The South African whose funeral attracted more Afro-Africans than that of Nelson Mandela

From history people can learn that history is always repeating itself. Unfortunately history is not high on the list of subjects in education so people forget or are unaware of the existence of certain events. I’m not a South African but Dutch living in South Africa and, while not pretending to know it all, I …