The vane moves again

A week ago there was some life in our rural village. The vane of the church had been stuck for several years (the wind always came from the Southwest 😉 ) and the church board succeeded at last in obtaining the funds to ‘loosen’ the vane. In the meantime municipal workers cleaning the street and …

From the street right to the back terrace with a view


Village 10 (Nightlife in Church Street)

The amazing sunrise views in my street

Sunrise as pictured from De Bruyn Street; the street with the most wonderful sunrise views in Stanford, South Africa.

Our street from a different perspective

The grader

Every now and than a grader is in our street to smoothen the surface (potholes) of the road. Gravel roads are expensive to maintain; especially in an area with above average traffic and no speed control added to the fact where the local council is neglecting the rain drainage system …. 😀 😀 😀

Fusion abstract 12

Morton Street replacement

Fusion abstract 3b

Imaginary surreal night view opposite the street

Flood Rain in the Village

Since yesterday heavy rains. The forecast is over 10cm of rain during this weekend. Two pictures shot this morning in our street. Luckily we are high up. Further on towards Cape Town, in Somerset West, a hospital had to be evacuated and the Cape Flats (‘townships’) are flooded. My thoughts are with all those unfortunate.