The Street Sweeper

In the meantime in the street


The vane moves again

A week ago there was some life in our rural village. The vane of the church had been stuck for several years (the wind always came from the Southwest 😉 ) and the church board succeeded at last in obtaining the funds to ‘loosen’ the vane. In the meantime municipal workers cleaning the street and …

From the street right to the back terrace with a view


Village 10 (Nightlife in Church Street)

The amazing sunrise views in my street

Sunrise as pictured from De Bruyn Street; the street with the most wonderful sunrise views in Stanford, South Africa.

Our street from a different perspective

The grader

Every now and than a grader is in our street to smoothen the surface (potholes) of the road. Gravel roads are expensive to maintain; especially in an area with above average traffic and no speed control added to the fact where the local council is neglecting the rain drainage system …. 😀 😀 😀