The Village Museum

Recently I had a photoshoot in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek in the Western Cape, South Africa. Easy going models = hassle-free work + time-saving so we had an hour to quickly pop in the ‘Dorp Museum’ (Village Museum) in Stellenbosch. It was four years since I’d been in that place but it is certainly going downwards with this …

Abstract 30

A kind of ‘Fata Morgana’. Imagine looking to those beads for hours and your throat is drying out … 😉

Abstract 28

Beads in the wall

Let’s focus on purple …


In reality it’s purple and white with a hint of yellow …

… but Black & White is also beautiful.

Mirror, mirror on the Wall …..

….. Ain’t I the most beautiful chick of all?

Beauty in turbulent weather

Silhouette 10 (the End)

Not all will agree that this is a silhouette and that’s fine with me. I’m a purist by nature but I am also a notorious breaker of all kinds of rules and prefer to go for the unknown. Sometimes my behavior leads to a dent in my ego and that’s also fine. I only live …

One of ……

….. the two beach girls who modelled for the Imaginary serie ‘Silhouettes’ (that are not real silhouettes) which I start later today… 🙂

What did I do?

Simple; just e-merging. What’s the idea? T-shirt print maybe…(?)…. Who is going to buy? You tell me!