Is Afrikaans for (literally): FAT plant. It’s the equivalent of succulent plant. Here is one:

Goose manure (Aviona specie)

This tiny succulent plant is native to the dry semi-arid areas in South Africa. The diameter of the flower is 2 to 3 millimeter.

Zurich animated and the stunning succulent collection (2 tubes)

A few years ago me and Yvonne travelled in Europe and North America again (after 11 years in South Africa). One of the cities we visited was Zurich in Switzerland. The first tube is an animated version of some images we made during wandering in de city. The second is that of a stunning succulent plant …


One of the flowering mesembrantaceae (succulent plant) in our garden.

As hard as rock

This is a desert plant from Mexico. The botanical genus is Ariocarpus and it’s classified as one of the cactaceae (argh … those botanists/taxonomists… 😉 ). anyway this succulent plant is as hard as rock and in its natural habitat it’s already happy with one annually flood rain. When it’s dry for a longer period …

Kougoed …

or ‘chewing stuff’ is the common name of the succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum which medicinal effects have been known by the native people of South Africa for hundreds or even maybe thousands of years.

B&W Caudex of a Pelargonium

Heads of Medusae

The Euphorbia caput medusae originates from the fynbos area in the Western Cape, South Africa and is, according to scientists, most probably endemic to Table Mountain. The sap of this succulent plant is highly poisonous. The plant is also known as Heads of Medusae. It’s always a pleasure to photograph the flower heads.

It’s only late afternoon that I open my heart and spread my love

(Fenestraria specie; a succulent plant from Southern Africa which flowers spreads a wonderful fragrance)

All those little faces

What you see is an ‘Euphorbia gymnocalycioides’; a very rare succulent plant that originates from Ethiopia. It’s very seldom that one sees this plant in cultivation but this beauty is one of the gems in our garden. And look closely …. all those little faces.