More succulent plants

Some of our collection succulent plants (more pictures) 2

Some of our collection succulent plants (more pictures) 1

The Big, Big Move

Per 1 April we will reside in an heritage house (Anno 1928) in Napier; 50 kilometers drive from Stanford and also in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa. Besides plenty of administrative ‘issues’ inherent at selling and buying properties there are many other things to think of. Take for example the …

Still many awesome ornamental succulent plants for SALE

Despite excellent sales during the past two Sundays we still have a few hundred plants for sale; partly in pots and partly directly from the garden. Amongst these plants are still some collector’s items. Prices are realistic (mentioned in captions and in South African Rand); we don’t deal in bargains. What we don’t sell goes …

Plant collection for sale

Ideal for collectors, landscapers, etc. in the Western Cape, South Africa. In a few months time we move to another place. We can either take our collection with us (well, we take some for sure) or sell. We have chosen for the latter option. Huge collection cacti and (African) succulent plants for sale. Ideal for …

“Everything you always wanted to know about SEX ….

….between plants but never dared to ask” was the slogan we once had to attract visitors to our previous garden (over 2500 different succulent plants including cacti outdoors). That slogan was a bit misunderstood by the local tourism bureau (Robertson, South Africa). Travellers asking for road directions were advised not to go there because of …

Fockea edulis; Caudex and Roots

Fockea is a genus of succulent plants (caudiciform) native to Southern Africa, known collectively as water roots, a reference to their characteristic bulbous caudex. The specie edulis is one of the two species that are native (endemic) to South Africa. Pot shot in our garden.

Dormancy in and around our South African Winter Garden

People who follow this blog know that we have a fairly unusual garden with merely (rare) succulent plants from all over the world. We enjoy a year-round floral display but also a year-round dormancy. This gallery shows some plants having their Winter Sleep.

Mesemb time of the year

(mesemb is a collective noun for relatively low growing succulent plants originating from South Africa. It is derived from the botanical genus ‘mesembranthaceae’)