Overberg Summer landscape

Summer here

South African Summer on its way

‘Escape from the Karoo’ (Photo-Graphic)

Before and After (trial)

The challenge (Dutch client): make a picture of a Summer landscape and transform it into an Autumn landscape. Well I made 3 pictures here in South Africa where it is Winter … Now he also wants to have snow …. 😉

Off-Season in Stanford, South Africa

It’s Winter in South Africa. So my off-season picture gallery (38 pictures!!!) contains mainly Summer pictures of our village (including surrounding area) plus one of a dormant insect between the blindings of my studio which I shot this morning.  

Aloe time in the Western Cape

The Western Cape in South Africa is a Winter rainfall area. And while the Northern Hemisphere is moving into the summer here we slowly move into the Winter. For the Western Cape it means that many endemic aloes will provide a magnificent view while driving through the rural part of this South African province.

It’s Summer in South Africa

It’s Summer …

… but there is a year-round floral display in our garden.

Summer sleep

Dormancy in the garden … well … every plant needs some rest; very human like 😀

Winter Green

Just a few shots along the provincial road nearby. The Western Cape is a Winter rainfall area with relatively dry Summers. The fresh green is what most people expect during Spring. Here you can experience that during Winter. And also the local wood logger is in the green.