Courtyard birding

Courtyard birding

While the Hadeda Ibis applied for a job as photo model a couple of Malachite Sunbirds was feeding their offspring


Beauty on a stick and Beauty going bananas. (Lesser double-collared sunbird – Nectarinia chalybea or, in Afrikaans, ‘Kleinvaalpenssuikerbekkie’)


This sunbird first looks to the left and than to the right before ‘going on air’; exactly the way I learned to look before crossing a road many, many years ago. (BTW: My day yesterday: Client ‘complaining’ he’s getting too many customers via Social Media….  AND an enquiry for a photo print from a client in New York, …

SUNbird in Drizzle

Merely Green

Again: Sunbird

Wishing Good Night

Last night one of the Sunbird youngsters (nested on our verandah) came to wish us a good night.


A drink in one hand and the camera in the other. That’s all.

Which flower shall I pollinate now?


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