Out of this world


The first Weekly Photo Challenge of this year is NEW. What’s new? The other day the neighbour came in saying that he just bought a ‘new’ moped. What he meant is that he bought a new second hand one (60 yrs old). A farmer can buy the latest newest model of an plough but the principle …

Unfinished Women 7

Exploring Balance

Key to the Universe

(Is it ‘unreal’ or ‘surreal’ of, maybe even, ‘magic realism’? 😉 ) BTW the name ‘Soekershof’ on the key ring is Dutch/Afrikaans and means ‘Seekers Garden’ ….  

The Hanging Spot (Hangplek) 3

Look!!! The Pelicans are coming



Dolly wants to come inside

Post Full Moon ….

…. On the way home