Now I know ….

I was always wondering why 500+ Belgians have their (second) house in Swellendam, South Africa. Now I know…


Belgians like their ‘Devil’ (‘Duvel’) and now you also know why the national soccer team of Belgium is called ‘Rode Duivels’ (‘Red Devils’) 😉 .

On the road to Swellendam

Swellendam in South Africa is known as an historical town but except for a small part (museum area) it does not really look like it. But it does have a history and a mindset of ‘independance’ culminating in a declaration act a few hundred years ago. About 700 houses are only occupied for a few weeks to one month per year an are mainly owned by fortunate Belgians and some other European nationals. We went there (since 2 years) to visit ‘Boer Bart’ (Farmer Bart) from Holland who likes to have a few weeks of sunshine during the European Winter. Anyway we hit the road early in the morning and most pictures below are made through the windscreen and windows of our car while driving.

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