Peyote flower

In 1996 I was for business in Texas. And I loved it!!! Being in a relative conservative part of the Americas I was amazed by the number of peyote cacti on the window sills. I was wondering if the owners knew that the peyote contains mescaline (a drug causing hallucinations) and that the peyote is used by shamans; traditional only the shaman may use it to ‘enhance his visionary talents’.

Anyway I collected some seeds and here you see a 26 year old peyote making a flower.

Shaman only

This is a flowering Lophophora williamsii; better known as the peyote cactus. In Mexican tradition only a shaman is allowed to use (chew) the dried slices of this cactus to enhance his visions. In fact this cactus has hallucinating properties comparable with mescaline/LSD (Read Aldous Huxley: Doors of Perception). The last time I was in Texas (not that long ago) I noticed that this cactus is a very popular ‘window-dresser’. Saw thousands of them in pots and trays in Houston, Austin and Dallas. And that in a state with such  strict narcotics laws and regulations …


Rooting and Shooting the Texan Way

Last year we got a small cutting of a Bombax tree from a friend in College Station (Tx, USA). We kept in in a pot to root and this South African Spring we planted it and now it’s shooting.

Yes; our garden is slowly becoming the Wild West of Stanford …. 😉


Cactus with hug factor and Sweet Blogger Award

If I mention the word ‘cactus’ people have the association with prickly plants with nasty spines. Personally I rather work with cacti than with roses (pruned many roses bare handed) I can taken them in my hands and I rarely get pricked but than I know these magnificent plants or is it when you really love plants, plants will love you?

Anyway; there are also spineless cacti. One of these is the Lophocereus scotti monstrose; it’s one with a huge hug factor and it grows naturally in Mexico, New Mexico and in Texas.

Never realized that my sweetness reached the level of being nominated for the Sweet Blogger Award but Heather nominated me. Thank you Heather and also thank you for sharing your pictures with the world.

Important note: I’m not in favor of all kinds of blogger awards for whatever (silly?) reasons but I’ve been nominated so many times now and didn’t do anything with it. So for the first and LAST time I’ll play this ‘game’ with you.

Now I first have to answer 5 sweet questions and secondly nominate 13 co-bloggers:

Cookies or Cake? Both? Cookies with preference for Dutch ‘pepernoten’ and ‘speculaas’. Cake only with raisins

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate but than only the real thing (from Belgium, Finland or Switzerland)

3. Favorite Sweet Treat? creamy puffs

4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most? Together with coffee

5. Sweet Nick Name?  Puffy maybe… 🙂

And now the 13 nominees. This is very difficult for there are many nice people/good photographers to chose from so don’t be angry with me if you’re not listed.

1) First of all Brigid Taylor Jackson of Ariston Organic for her honey-cinnamon recipes are so ‘super sweet’.

2) Andrew Harvard is the Super Sweet Chef of Durban. During his recent trip to Turkey he went into virtually every restaurant on his way. He’s now on a diet; probably eating his own superb bahklava.

3) Kenneth McMillan of Hardtocomebylifestyle ‘loves’ raccoons. Didn’t know that these are sweet Kenneth.

4) Shiarika Pienaar of AmberAfrica with her sweet dog. She is also an intellectual (the dog I mean).

5) Ray Fausel  who shows us the ‘sweet’ side of Maine, USA; a state I only know to be freezing cold (but that was in Winter).

6) Even if you don’t intend to go to Barcelona (personally I’d rather choose for Madrid) it’s still very worthwhile to follow The Xavi’s Photoblog. Don’t know if Xavi Geiss likes sweets but it’s not impossible that as an historian/archaeologist he’s digging for it.

7) Heather, who nominated me, has her home-sweet-home in the Ozarks and she loves plants like I do so she must be super sweet as well.

8) Nigel Borrington is from county Kilkenny in Ireland and his pictures resemble, metaphorically,  the taste of sweet potatoes (my favorite potato) and as Irish know everything about potatoes including the sweet ones I know that he really deserves this award. His landscape pictures are awesome!

9) From county Kildare in Ireland is Ed Mooney. One of his specialities is weddings. Bet he’s doing that to get his piece of a sweet wedding cake… 🙂 Love his pictures.  Ireland is indeed a destination for (landscape) photographers.

10) Leanne Cole from Melbourne in Australia doesn’t need much of an introduction for she’s probably known to most of us and has developed her own style. Can’t stop liking her posts. Okay; I’m a bit jealous of her but that does not stop me from mentioning her where- and whenever I can.

11) Toemailers Angela and Quinlan are making the world a better place ‘one foot at the time’. Sweet feet from all over the globe (including mine!!!) in their posts!

12) Odile d’Harnois lectures from the heart about literature and movies in French and English. Her photographs are … well … don’t have words for it…. See for yourself!

14) At last but not at least number 13 (not the best number for a nomination… that’s the reason I skipped it and went over to nr 14). This is for quite a somebody from Kaipara in New Zealand. And I bet Maureen loves her sweets. Well her pictures and photographs are!

A hug for all of you and that includes all the bloggers I haven’t mentioned! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂