Mist (this morning)

From East to West …..

….. at 6:20 AM this morning (3 pictures)

Flood Rain in the Village

Since yesterday heavy rains. The forecast is over 10cm of rain during this weekend. Two pictures shot this morning in our street. Luckily we are high up. Further on towards Cape Town, in Somerset West, a hospital had to be evacuated and the Cape Flats (‘townships’) are flooded. My thoughts are with all those unfortunate.

Street Art 1

Some snap shots I took this morning of ‘Street Art’ in the so called ‘colored area’ in our village. All paintings made by local artist Slamat. He is a self taught painter and he focusses himself merely on flora and fauna. Slamat loves gardening and it seems to me that gardening and painting are going …

First Bottle Brush

In our garden I noticed this morning that the small bottle brush tree (Callistemon, origining from Australia) has its first flower. Too beautiful to clean bottles with … šŸ˜‰

In the red mood this morning


At 6 AM this morning at the edge of the village.

It was very cold outside this morning


Some stills in B&W. Shot his morning at the Fresh Market at the Stanford Table in our village.

No sunrise is the same …

This one was shot early this morning: