Working on fire on alert

It’s time of the year here in this part of the world.

Time of the year

Spring in South Africa

Feeding Stingrays

Time of the year: Feeding the Stingrays

Time of the year

Drive carefully (Thank you!)

Time of the year

The off the beaten track botanical garden 1

Many tourists who travel to South Africa visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town. From a botanical point of view this ‘tourist trap’ has been continuously detoriorating since we live in this part of the world. And we also hear this all the time from horticulturists/botanists of name and fame from around the globe …

At last …

… Conyphytum time of the year.


Yes; it’s Freesia time of the year here in South Africa..

Canola fields all over

The Overberg area in the Western Cape, South Africa, is one of the ‘food baskets’ on which Cape Town survives. It’s also known as one of the main national suppliers of Canola. This is the time of the year that you see flowering canolas. Just a few shots while on the road.