Sunrise just outside town

Hermanus Blues

(Hermanus is a small sea-side town near Stanford in the Western Cape, South Africa)

Harley is in town

Salisbury Cathedral 1998

(reworked negative film) This is, personal opinion, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe. And believe me; I’ve seen quite a few of those ancient buildings. It’s a pity I did not make interior pictures at the time. Salisbury is one of my favourite towns in the UK. I’ve been numerous times in Salisbury. …

The Museum

One of the finest educational museums to visit in the Western Cape, South Africa is the one dedicated to the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias (sometimes written as Diaz) in Mossel Bay. The nice thing is the lack of coffee corners, restaurants and ‘Made in China’ souvenir shops but somewhere hidden within the museum is a shop …

Waking up in Joubertina

A small agricultural town in the heartlands of the Langkloof in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Sunset …

…. above our village as seen from a neighboring town in the West at the other side of the mountains.

A visit to the botanical garden in Caledon

About 50 kilometer from the place we live is the small town of Caledon and this place has a beautiful botanical garden in one of the oldest conservation areas in South Africa. Next month a magazine will publish my photographic impressions of this garden and I will keep you updated about this. For now, just …