Private Gallery is getting shape

Towards the end of next month, a year after we moved in, we will open our Private Gallery in Napier, South Africa. At this very moment a new insulated ceiling is installed in the new studio of Yvonne and this weekend we hang storage shelves and place furniture and equipment. After that we start transforming the present studio into a ‘State-of-the-Art’ Gallery where I can present some of my Landscape/Street/etc., Haiku and Photo-Graphic pictures. On displays are Yvonne’s Retro/Steampunk and Down to Earth pieces; all own design and handmade.

We focus ourselves primary on those tourists (passing along to or from the Southernmost Tip of the African Continent) who have an eye for originally South African made gifts that are exclusive and suitcase sized landscape photo’s (on high quality paper) next to high end market art collectors for special customized jewellery orders and fine art photography.

Although no decision is made yet what exactly we will exhibit this photo-gallery will provide you with an idea:

On the Road ….

From Hermanus to Home-Sweet-Home in Stanford this afternoon. For esthetic reasons we took care for a power cut at Pig’s Snout (waterfalls).

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A Sunday afternoon on the beach

For tourists having road trips in South Africa we always say that the ‘real South Africa begins >100 kilometers beyond Cape Town’. Not that the Mother City does not offer something but it has become too much of a tourist trap. And so is Hermanus in a way but at the outskirts of Hermanus in the direction of our village Stanford there is Grotto Beach. Not many tourists (from abroad) over there but merely locals. Not an over crowded beach but a beach with space and ideal for a long beach walk (or a short one of you prefer). Yesterday I made a long walk with Yvonne and our friend Beatrice Pooke (she is an incredible good ‘holistic masseuse’). We started along the lagoon (somewhere between Stanford and Hermanus) and hiked all the way to the beach restaurant ‘Dutchies’ for a Dutch ‘kroket’ and back again. Some of the pictures are ‘imaginaries’ (I shuffled a bit with photoshop) and others are ‘as is’. See for yourself.