Pictures from the square yard 3: Store Cafe; How to abuse a tree

The Dutch writer Simon Carmiggelt made a living by observing from his ‘own’ chair and table on a terrace in Amsterdam. He wrote about objects he saw, about people and interaction between them, the sky, the weather and so on. And his stories never became boring; he could even write five or six pages about lightning a sigaret; between taking a match and the first inhale of smoke…

I became inspired by this when sitting on two terraces; one in Somerset-West (Store Cafe) and at the terrace of Thandi in Elgin. I made a selection of 20 images (10 of each venue). Each serie I begin the  gate and you may make your own story. My story is in each individual picture.

To provide this serie with an own signature I added HDR-toning to each picture.


One of these little things 9: Buddha making a call under a baobab tree

Most people have those invaluable things in and around the house. It can be a souvenir from a place visited; memories from childhood, a heirloom or whatever. I’ve made a photographic inventory in our house and I publish the images in this blog, one by one. They are all in B&W.

Today is a bit funny. Two things at the same time. First of all the wire baobab tree which is made by a wire artist in Hermanus. And the Buddha with cellphone we found somewhere in a so called ‘5 Rand shop’ in South Africa. It’s pure kitsch but somehow it all fits together on the mantelpiece. The ant in the foreground is made by Oliver, a local craftsman from our village but his ants and spiders already drew some attention in this blog.