First Hike of the year 3

3 January I joined the first hike (12 km) of the Strandveld Hiking club. The hike followed a coastal stretch between Die Kelders and Gansbaai in the Western Cape, South Africa. It was a surprise hike that lead us through some public and private caves. The first post (yesterday morning) consisted of blue tinted B&W …


No (compulsory) flash; just reflection streetlight and no tripod.

HDR with(out) the tripod

Drinking and photographing

Drinking and driving don’t go well together although some may think different. Yesterday evening I experimented with drinking wine and photographing. All pictures taken without a tripod. You may judge yourself. Really good local wine though!!!

Raindrops are falling ….

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…. even in the middle of the night. Shot with Sigma 70-300mm macro without tripod and artificial light. In Photoshop some HDR-toning.

Night sky without a tripod …..

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but with a few drinks……


Last weekend I took some pictures of insects in our garden. With a Sigma 70-300 macro. And it was windy. A tripod would not work. Had to do it with both hands…