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Surprise for Instagrammers

Here am I. (on Instagram). You may follow me   For peeptweet: @greencathedral           And a real surprise is my selfie:             Oops:           That’s better (B&W reduction with textures, toning and colouring)

Now I also have a Fraai Uitzicht Syrah

No I’m not going to taste it; just let it mature for a few years. Well that’s what I do with quality wines. Recently I wrote a review about Le Neuf Papesch of this South African wine cellar and I had critics from …. the wine critics who make a living out of drinking/tasting wine …

My tweet of the day

Who can explain: Big #brands bragging about more followers and engagement on #socialmedia and sales plummeting? Can you?

Tweeting in Black and White


Nothing is as difficult as selecting pictures for your own portfolio. This morning I tried and it resulted in a temporary portfolio. I’m far from satisfied hence the addition ‘temporary‘; it will change from time to time anyway. But it is a start. In the cause of (beginning) 2014, with newly downloaded Photoshop plug-ins, the …

Me and social media; what about you?

There are ‘those’ who are sending continuously their ‘where-about’ and ‘personal experience’ messages into cyberspace via a multitude of social media like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. I’m not a favourite of opening my ‘well-being’ or ‘not-so-well-being’ plus my ‘where-abouts’ to the whole world. I’m a bit of a cyberspace hermit in that regard but I …

He just tweeted his wife …

…. “No food here honey”. Smart bird; well within the 140 limit of Twitter….. 🙂

Yes, I tweet


Early morning tweeting

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