From the Sea

All succulent plants, cacti included, are original underwater plants. It took a long, long time to evolve from plants immersed in water to plants that have to store water to survive. But they have still a significant resemblance with many plants that grow in the sea. For us the reason to dedicate a small area in our garden to this heritage.


From the sea

Evolution is a weird subject if you come to succulent plants like cacti. Did you know that all succulent plants are originating from underwater plants. Hence that divers walking around in our garden are amazed by the view of many plants they link with plants they meet once they’re exploring the sea bottom. Southern Africa, where many succulent plants originate from, was once largely covered with lakes and during a period of thousands, maybe millions, of years these plants had to adept to a complet opposite environment; from surviving under water to surviving in a desert. So these plants evolved into waterstoring plants; storing water in roots, leafs and/or stems. Reason for us to collect some shells and rocks at the nearby beach and cover a small part of our garden with it.