Abstracts: Waterfalls (2 pics)

Another 5 to 10cm forecasted for the weekend (we already had 10cm).

On the Road ….

From Hermanus to Home-Sweet-Home in Stanford this afternoon. For esthetic reasons we took care for a power cut at Pig’s Snout (waterfalls).    

Crystal Kloof

One of the numerous waterfalls around the village. It’s Crystal Kloof and the water is crystal clear. Great place for a Sunday chill; worthwhile the hike.

The Chilling Chameleon

We are privileged to live where we live in South Africa; an abundance of nature and an amazing landscape. Hidden in the mountains are numerous waterfalls, patches with pristine fynbos and various other plant genera. And than the animals. In the Overberg you find everything from a small bug to baboons and leopards. And they …