I don’t have this super telelens but have to do with what I’ve got. For picturing whales you need at least a 500 mm lens like those super Canon canon or Sony’s (even more expensive) equivalent of that. And I’m not one of those tourists that pay a fortune to go on a whale/shark watching boat. So I stay aside somewhere at a spot where locals do their whale watching.

Anyway here is my attempt with a simple 300 mm sigma lens and severely scaled (to 1200 mm) in DxO and/or Photoshop. Had to ‘cover-up’ here and there for loss of detail, etc. 😉

The lazy tourist destination

Ideal destination for travellers/tourists who want to watch whales and enjoy fynbos but don’t like to be too active: in the court yard of the Ice Parlour Don Gelato in Stanford there is this mural ……. (also for lazy bird watchers). The ice cream (locally sourced natural ingredients) is delicious! And so are the Italian coffees and delicacies 😉


Visitors of the South

Imaginary of the Esplanade in Hermanus, South Africa. It’s South Africa’s whale-watching hotspot for tourists but most of them eat and drink on the terraces …. and … , seemingly, forget about the whales…. More eye for what is on the menu…


Whale Watching

Just to attract more tourists the tourism bureau in Hermanus announced that the first whales were spotted. This turned out to be a hoax for nobody living and working along the coastline has seen one yet…. Even the subsidized ‘Whale Horn Blower’ (guy who blows the horn when a whale is seen) hasn’t been spotted… But we saw this morning a whale tail coming out of the water …. of a fountain…