I don’t have this super telelens but have to do with what I’ve got. For picturing whales you need at least a 500 mm lens like those super Canon canon or Sony’s (even more expensive) equivalent of that. And I’m not one of those tourists that pay a fortune to go on a whale/shark watching boat. So I stay aside somewhere at a spot where locals do their whale watching.

Anyway here is my attempt with a simple 300 mm sigma lens and severely scaled (to 1200 mm) in DxO and/or Photoshop. Had to ‘cover-up’ here and there for loss of detail, etc. 😉

Visitors of the South

Imaginary of the Esplanade in Hermanus, South Africa. It’s South Africa’s whale-watching hotspot for tourists but most of them eat and drink on the terraces …. and … , seemingly, forget about the whales…. More eye for what is on the menu…


Steel nerves

Shot along coast in Gansbaai, South Africa. For people traveling off-the-beaten-track: From Hermanus/Stanford turn right into ‘Die Kelders’. Follow this road until there is a sign (=right) to a National Park. On this road first turn left. This is a dead-end road with parking at the end. Take the path towards the ocean and enjoy. Also historical caves. For the local people it’s the free entrance to the park (entrance fee of Cape Nature Conservation is a rip off because of missing and neglected/dangerous infrastructure such as stairs and pathways to beach and caves). This ‘freeway’ is a very safe one with stunning views of surroundings and small (chameleons, birds, etc) and big (whales/sharks/dolphins) wildlife._DSC2523nr2WEB