Out of South Africa 5: Tempelhof

Last year we went on a 4-week journey to Europe and Canada. It was for the first time since more than 11 years that we had a holiday ‘out of (South) Africa. We mainly visited family and friends but in between we took time to travel around a bit. With my Sony Cybershot 7.2 I shot a few thousand low resolution pictures (average 100 kB each) so don’t expect much high quality. For this serie of 10 I selected about 30 pics.

Today’s images are from the estate of artists Huub & Adelheid Kortekaas in Winssen in The Netherlands. ‘De Tempelhof’ is a sacred symmetric garden with symbols representing the different mainstream religions in the world next to different other works of both artists. The garden is not open for the public except on ‘open days’ and on special appointments.

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