Mad dogs and women

(or is it the other way around? 😉 )

Still in the processing phase

‘Unfinished Women’

Unfinished Women 5

Mirror, mirror on the Wall …..

….. Ain’t I the most beautiful chick of all?

Fairly unusual in South Africa ……

….. White women working in the garden …. 🙂

African potato

… in flower. This is a bulb plant. Traditional medicin men/women (sangomas) in Southern Africa use it for a variety of healing purposes.

Which one to wear?

My first photo-model

In a small village like Stanford it’s not easy to ‘persuade’ people, especially women, to photograph them. Whatever the reason it took a while and against all odds (even her mother said that she would “never ever” do it) Karuna didn’t even think twice. She admits that she hates to be photographed but this time …