What would the world be without bees?

Last Saturday’s verandah shot (2 pictures)

Sunrises are magnificent in this part of the world.

There is a world behind the fish

My ego tripped this morning

For what it is worth: one of my images became the banner of theĀ Facebook page Cape Reflections. The administrator of this group wrote a review and that made my day ( šŸ˜‰ ). “The banner photograph at the top of the Cape Refections Group Page was the most liked image posted to the page in …


She: “A nice cup of coffee makes me forget the world around me.”

Dormancy in and around our South African Winter Garden

People who follow this blog know that we have a fairly unusual garden with merely (rare) succulent plants from all over the world. We enjoy a year-round floral display but also a year-round dormancy. This gallery shows some plants having their Winter Sleep.

In Contact with the World

What a Beautiful World

(Home Sweet Home)

The whole world at home

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Blue eyed Magdalena

Portrait of a woman who want to show the world that she has blue eyes and that she loves flowers with a sweet fragrance. She only had 5 minutes time for a photo-session….