Model in the making

Abigail Camille is, from young age onwards, dreaming of becoming a photo-model. She’s got the attitude, the body and the beauty including a multitude of faces. So together with Vanilla Boutique in Bredasdorp and Yvonne de Wit Jewellery in Napier we made a little (low resolution) youtube (high resolution on request). Any model agency out …

The Tube

How I made my ‘Meta Selfie’

58 Overberg Landscapes during the year

And in a few days the beginning of a new year. Best wishes for all for 2018 and beyond.

Unus Mundus

Somebody told me the other day that the average painter applies 6 to 7 layers before a painting is finished. I just applied the 75th layer to ‘Unus Mundus’ (One World) and still it’s far from ready. Layers, in my case, are photographs, drawings, textures, digital in-paintings, etc. Guess I have another 30 to 40 …

Transmogrify: The Meta Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge A photographer always sees more; even in him/herself. Based on one Black & White self-portrait with the use of textures and layers and with merging pictures I created a colourful self-portrait. My ‘Meta Selfie’ or (subtitle) ‘The Art of Being Me’. Music (Free Music collection): “Anduct” by Andreas Viklund. This is just a 4 …


Mmmmmmmmmm …..


I’ve just updated my ‘Gallery’ page with three YouTubes; each presenting a part of my photography. See for yourself (link opens in new window). As an extra herewith a YouTube with a selection of pictures I made during the Napier Patat Fees (Napier Sweet Potato Festival) a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Experiment: Reduction B&W with toning and texturising 5 (youtube)

All 15 pictures in a tube: